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Sailboat Davits - Island Model Davits 

Island Davits in the islands
  • Safe load 300lbs. (136kg) each davit arm.
  • Davit weight: 35 lbs. (16kg), per pair with 4:1 tackle
  • Adjusts for stern rails 23" (584mm) to 32" (812mm) high.
  • Shortened and taller versions also available.
  • 1-1/4" (32mm) heavy wall S/S main tube and 1" (25mm) heavy wall S/S secondary tube.
  • 4:1 (or optional 6:1) purchases, with Harken® blocks and 3/8" (10mm) braided lines.
  • Swiveling universal base allows for deck camber or mounting angle up to 10°.
  • Transom mounted or extended deck bases are also available.

    For lighter davits see Bay II model.
Abeking Rasmussen

Our davits have withstood the test of time. We have been building the Island model davits since early 1990. During that period we have had several new competitors join us in the market, some of which have mimicked various designs of ours, but most have not managed to match the quality and finish of our davits and some have neglected the finer engineering details that make the difference.

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    Island Packet 37     Beneteau 456     Morgan 45

Kato Marine invites comparisons. We really shine when people look from other davits to ours. Consider these items:

  • How are other davits finished? Meticulous T-316 TIG welds, softened corners, and flowing curves are all hand buffed to a dazzling polish.
  • Look at the height and span of our davits. Our Island model measures 42"; (1067mm) high, and has a 42" (1067mm) span from the rail. The davits are made from 1-1/4" (32mm) and 1" (25mm) tubes with an exceptionally heavy .083" (2.1mm) wall thickness. They are made from T-316 stainless steel for extra stain resistance!
  • Can other davits carry the load that ours do? At 300lbs(136kg) per arm, the Island model stands out head and shoulders above the others.
  • What kind of hoisting tackle is being supplied? To minimize friction, we use only HarkenŽ roller bearing blocks and top quality 3/8" Dacron line.
  • This is very important - Do the other davits attach to the rail? If so, have they addressed the strength of the rail? We offer a number of attractive methods of reinforcing the stern rail when it is required, and we spend the time necessary to ensure you have the right system.
  • And lastly, but by no means least, our staff are all extremely knowledgeable. Because each boat is different, we will spend the time to help you understand and make the right choices for your vessels installation.

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