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Clamp-on TV antenna mounting bracket:  This attractive polished stainless steel platform easily clamps to your stern rail; putting the antenna aft of the rail and out of the bimini's shadow and away from the cockpit.

The platform is designed to accept either the KVH M1, Ray Marine 33STV or the Intellian i1/i2 antennas.  It also has provision to accept one auxiliary antenna arm from our Pole Solution (click here to see this).

The mounting platform is supported by a 1 diameter stainless steel tube and all necessary fittings and fasteners are provided.  When ordering, please specify 1, 1-1/8, or 1-1/4 diameter stern rail.

Price: $566.00

To order, call 410-269-1218

Put your antennas on the backstay!

WHY? - Several years ago all you had to worry about was the VHF antenna at the top of the mast and the loran C antenna on the stern. Now, you have to concern yourself with where to place the GPS, AIS, Wifi and other small antennas. Boaters have been asking us for a way to get them up, and out of the reach of grabbing hands. We have the answer...

VERSATILE - KATO's new product line of Backstay Antenna Mounts can be used on any size sailboat, up to the largest ocean going cruiser. Cutters, sloops, ketches, yawls, schooners, catamarans - it doesn't matter. It has been determined that the angle of a sailboats' backstay really does not vary that much relative to the sailboats' length. For this reason, we found it convenient to simply bend the Backstay Antenna Mount main member to the median angle. The antenna will be vertical, or extremely close to it, and minor adjustments can be made on site.

BEAUTY, FUNCTION & STRENGTH- Once again KATO is using attractive stainless steel. Each Backstay Antenna Mount main member is 1/8" thick x 1-1/2" wide for structural strength. The outboard end has a hollow 1"-14 threaded antenna mounting stud - typical for AIS, VHF, GPS etc.

EASY TO INSTALL - Just bolt the unit to your backstay using the provided bolts and nylon lock nuts.

Price: $140.00

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