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Transom mounted davits

Sailboat Davits - Voyager Model Davits  

Beneteau 49


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The 'VOYAGER' model is a lightweight, streamlined davit that has been designed to enhance, rather than distract from the appearance of your boat.


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Their unique features include:

  • An all-welded aluminum box construction for maximum strength and minimum weight.
  • An eye pleasing streamlined shape, designed to suit any size dinghy with a six foot beam and under.
  • Internal 6:1 purchase system with large Harken roller bearing blocks and white 3/8" braid to make it easy on the hands.
  • A durable Awlgrip finish in Off-White.
  • Safe Load 420 lbs. each davit arm.
  • Each davit weighs only 28 pounds with tackle.
  • Built-in Harken cam cleats for convenience when hoisting.

Also available - Voyager davits with Winch:

3:1 purchcase leading to winch

Winch version supplied with Harken winch and 3:1 purchase - profile is the same as non-winch model - note smooth exits for the lifting line above

taller Voyager davits base hanging over the edge Transom base to mount davit on
An additional 10" can be added to the height to make up for mounting low (eg.on a step etc.)
Extra cleats and loops available for securing davits
Custom designed brackets to suit the vessel's transom. They provide a mounting platform for the Voyager davits. Used when mounting on deck is not practicle.
Solar Panel Options:  
Close-up of winch on Voyager davit
Panels are mounted to pads welded on the davits before painting Close up of mounts and pads
Close-up of winch on Voyager davit

Standard and high version profiles

Close up of winch mount
Close-up of winch on Voyager davit

Starlink - Maritime version on Voyager:

Spreader bar for lifting when davits are far apart:
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